Upholstery Cleaning in Acton

Professional upholstery cleaning in Acton W3 is perhaps the only proven way to look after and keep your non-leather furniture free of staining and damage, and looking clean and fresh for longer. We consider our professional upholstery cleaning service to be a highly technical task, and we are very serious and careful about it, our expert cleaners will be able to achieve excellent results without risk of damage to all types of upholstered pieces of furniture like sofas, couches, armchairs, padded stools and mattresses.

We strongly urge our customers to refrain from using conventional or homemade cleaning solutions on their delicate and demanding upholsteries, as this will likely result in damage such as discolouration, fading or even tearing of the upholstery. Instead you can use our professional upholstery cleaning service and take the guess work out of cleaning. Our expert cleaning technicians will visit you and determine the type of upholstery material, the level of soiling and staining it has sustained and in turn the most effective yet sparing way to clean the furniture without risk of damage or alteration of its colours or characteristics. Having to reupholster and repair damage to furniture fabrics is going to cost you more than professional upholstery cleaning.

Don’t leave anything to chance and let us handle the upholstery cleaning properly and efficiently.

If you thought your upholsteries don’t require much cleaning or they don’t appear to be too dirty or worn, consider this – upholsteries receive the same amount of dust, bacteria and pollen as the carpets for instance. More so, upholstered furniture is in constant contact with the human body and receives a daily dose of dead skin cells, hairs, body oils and body odours, pair this with some pet smells or kitchen flavours and you can imagine what the upholstery is going to feel and look like. All work is carried out using professional grade cleaning equipment which allows for different size upholstered furniture to be cleaned without having to disassemble the furniture or take it to another location. The service is available for booking on a week round basis, with flexible appointment hours.