Efficient and reliable property removals in Acton W3 and W4

It’s our field of expertise and we will be more than capable (and happy) to organise your home or office relocation with the due professionalism, efficiency and expertise. When you choose to handle your property removal, you can be sure to receive the best possible service at the best possible price. We leave nothing to chance and ensure each stage of the relocation is kept on schedule and within budget. We will take into account your removal’s timeframe, complexity and the budget you have allocated and in turn devise and implement the most efficient and inexpensive way to conduct the shift.

What do our property removals in Acton actually provide?

  1. Reliability and efficiency – all work (including preparations) to do with the removal will be handled by teams of specially trained and qualified mover teams. They will go about their work quickly and safely, without cutting corners or chitchat.
  2. Safety and punctuality – since we handle the packing, securing and loading of your belongings prior to transit you can be rest assured that items in our care are handled properly and delivered timely and intact to their next destination;
  3. Cost efficiency – we will plan and execute your removal project as per the budget frame you have set forth. We will offer the best possible price as per the requirements you presented. Our removal teams can be hired for only £65 an hour!
  4. Timely delivery – the company operates a fleet of specialised removal vans of different size and load capacity, our vehicles are clean, well-maintained and fully equipped with the necessary tools and materials.

Private and business customers in the W3, W4 and NW10 areas can also turn to us for flexible and efficient man and van in Acton. The service is especially suitable for smaller scale relocations or pick-ups and deliveries such as:

  • Student relocations;
  • Business 2 business deliveries;
  • Business 2 customer deliverers;
  • Fixed schedule pick-ups and deliveries (ideal for commercial customers);
  • Single item relocations;
  • High value item relocation;
  • Antiques and irreplaceable items;

Our man and van in Acton is not only convenient and versatile, but also very affordable!

We can dispatch one man and one van for only £30 per hour! We maintain short notice availability and service bookings are made for all days of the week.

Our removals in Acton also cover commercial property relocations. We will organise and carry out your office or commercial property relocation quickly and with the least amount of hassle and disruption to your daily business or staff duties. All work done by qualified commercial property movers with plenty of experience. Commercial property relocations are available during off peak hours like evenings, early mornings, and weekends. Again, we deal with all stages of the project from packing and labelling to distribution upon delivery.

In addition, the company offers all customers in W3, W4 and NW10 areas specialised furniture delivery at excellent prices. We guarantee timely and intact delivery of all furniture pieces, assembled or due for assembly.

Acton is now an almost entirely residential locality of the British capital, though the area had strong industrial significance in the past. Historically, Acton began as a village settlement outside the walls of City of London, as the capital expanded though, Acton was eventually swallowed by the growing city and became a proper suburb of its own. Modern day Acton is geographically and administratively part of a number of London boroughs. Central Acton is the traditional hub of commerce and trade in the area as this particular part of the suburb lays on the original London to Oxford road (Uxbridge Rd). A number of historic inns still remain along the road as reminder of those busy late Tudor days of strong commerce, trade and coaching. Up until the nineteen century, Acton wasn’t expanding rapidly or heavily as other districts of the capital. Much of the land around the settlement remained arable farmland. Only after nearby ‘model suburb’ of Bedford Park was completed, development began in Acton. During the interwar period, Acton became an important industrial site and during the nineteen thirties, Acton was the largest industrial area south of Coventry.