Patio Cleaning in Acton

The patio is an integral part of the house or property and it makes sense to keep it clean and free of stain and grime just like the rest of the house. Patios are made of different materials, mainly stone or concrete, most of them are paved using what’s known as paving slabs, other patios are made of brick or cobblestone. Regardless of the particular type of stone or material used for constructing your patio, this property feature sees a lot of use and is constantly exposed to the elements outside. Over a period of one year in Acton W3, your patio is exposed to four seasons and different kinds of adverse weather. From blistering hot summer rays that cause discolouration, through hammering rains and gale force winds that bring hail and water damage, to freezing cold winters and ice and snow that causes the patio to crack and shift.

All these elements can leave the patio looking worse for wear and in need of serious cleaning attention.

Most patios develop molds which can be hard to remove and eradicate, molds can change the patio’s colour and make it appear unsightly and neglected. The conventional way to clean the patio is to spend hours on end, if not days, in scrubbing stones using a brush and a bucket. As you can imagine spending two days on all fours in scrubbing cobblestones under the blistering heat of the sun is hardly the most efficient and effective way to clean the patio. Our professional patio cleaning service on the other hand happens to be the most sensible and cost effective alternative, and we urge customers to take full advantage of this high quality, value for money cleaning service which yields exceptional results with no risk of damage.

Our patio cleaning work in Acton W3 is carried out by specially trained cleaners that know how to handle pressure washing equipment safely and efficiently. Keeping your patio clean and free of stains and grime will also raise your property’s market value and make it more appealing to potential buyers. Service is available seven days a week with flexible appointment hours.