Mattress Cleaning in Acton

Regular mattress cleaning doesn’t seem to make the list of  chores but proper mattress hygiene is quite important for your health and wellbeing. When new, a mattress is free of any bacteria, allergens, dust mites, bad smells and funguses. In time, with everyday use even the best and most expensive of mattresses will begin to accumulate lots of dust, bacteria and body odours. More so, a mattress provides a humid, warm environment for many fungal spores to grow and multiply and although they go unseen, they can be a problem for the health and wellbeing of occupants and lead to certain respiratory and skin conditions.

There are proven techniques and strategies to keep your mattress clean and fresh for longer, but sunning or airing the mattress is not one of them. Sunning the mattress will only remove a small part of the bacteria and allergens growing on the top layer. Conventional mattress cleaning will also prove ineffective as it will leave the mattress wet or damp at best for days on end, which will in turn facilitate the growth and multiplication of those same bacteria and funguses.

Our professional mattress cleaning service in Acton W3 is the better alternative to all those conventional cleaning methods that don’t really do much but waste your time and effort.

Cleaning industry professionals and domestic hygiene experts recommend for professional Acton W3 mattress cleaning to be done every six months as this will keep the mattress clean, dry and fresh for longer.

Our professional mattress cleaning service in Acton W3 is carried out by specially trained professional cleaners equipped and trained in the safe and efficient application of steam cleaning equipment and systems. The equipment used is similar to the machines used for steam carpet cleaning and the process itself is also quite similar. First the mattress is subjected to heavy duty vacuuming which removes all loose bits of dirt, debris, dust, pollen, bacteria and insect eggs. Next is the application of a cleaning solvent that removes all organic or chemical stains from the mattress. Usually, the mattress will be ready to use in a few hours after the cleaning session.