Dry Carpet Cleaning in Acton

Dry carpet cleaning in is one of our special purpose cleaning services and is considered to be an alternative cleaning method which is suitable for both natural and synthetic fibre carpets. Dry carpet cleaning is a relatively new, non-aggressive  method which uses very little water in order to cut down the carpets’ drying time while still delivering the same exceptional results. Carpet specialists and cleaning industry professionals recommend subjecting your carpets to professional cleaning treatment at least twice during the year. If this seems too frequent consider the following – carpets receive a generous dose of dirt, dust, bacteria, germs and pollen on a daily basis. This is especially visible arounActon W3d high traffic areas around front doors and hallways where signs of dirt and staining will be quick to appear.

Conventional carpet cleaning or any of the other home administered cleaning solutions in Acton W3 are hardly the most efficient and economical way to clean your carpets, not to mention they won’t yield the results you need and want. Save yourself the hassles and resources and let us perform a professional session of dry carpet cleaning and bring your carpets back to their former glory. Professional carpet cleaning in Acton W3 is also the only certain way to clean and remove dirt and bacteria from deep between the strands and the base of the carpet where many of the conventional cleaning methods will prove ineffective.

Choosing dry carpet cleaning as your preferred carpet cleaning method will bring you a number of benefits.

As already mentioned, dry carpet cleaning is perfectly suitable for both natural fibre and synthetic carpets, regardless of their age or condition. Next up is the short drying time of the carpets. In most cases, carpets which have been dry cleaned will be ready to walk on in about forty or so minutes, though this figure depends on the relative humidity and temperature inside the property. The process itself is rather straightforward as it involves machine dry cleaning, followed by the application of spray on solvents, and then the application of a specially formulated powder cleaner followed by thorough vacuuming of the carpet.