Driveway Cleaning in Acton

The driveway is an essential part of the property and sees a lot of heavy duty use on a daily basis. In time the driveway can become a slippery and unsightly feature. Driveways take a daily beating by the vehicles that drive over them and the constant exposure to the elements. Stains from motor oil, fuel, coolant and many other chemicals can stain the driveway beyond recognition. Weather exposure like rain, snow, ice melting chemicals and household acids can also leave the driveway stained and in need of some serious cleaning attention. Over time, moisture and humidity can facilitate the growth of mould over the driveway and change its colour and appearance – this is something our professional driveway  service in Acton W3 will resolve.

Old chewing gum stuck to the driveway is notorious to clean off and turns black after some time thus making your driveway appear ugly and uncleaned – the cleaning equipment we use will get rid of the problem for good. Obviously spending three days in scrubbing the driveway with a brush and a bucket is hardly the best and most efficient way to clean the driveway so save yourself the wasted time and effort and let us handle the cleaning for you in a professional, highly efficient manner without excess cost or risk of damage. Driveways are made of different materials, most of the time they’re concrete, but some of them are made of composite materials too.

Our professional driveway cleaning service in Acton W3 is perfectly suitable for all types of driveways, concrete or not.

We use professional grade pressure washing equipment and machinery, commonly known as jet wash. The water pressure generated by the machines physically removes even the most stubborn examples of dirt, staining and residue stuck to the driveway. Our crews of Acton W3 cleaning technicians are well trained in the safe and efficient use and application of the pressure washing equipment and will yield exceptional  results without risk of damage or injury, and of course without excess material or water waste. The driveway cleaning is available seven days a week as standalone or in combination with other services.