Curtain Cleaning in Acton

Proper curtain cleaning for every resident of the Acton W3 are is a highly technical task that is best left to professional cleaning technicians. Curtains are usually made of delicate and demanding fabrics and materials that don’t really tolerate conventional  or machine washing. Conventional curtain cleaning and machine washing in Acton W3 is likely to result in fading, discolouration, permanent creasing, shrinkage or even tearing. If this doesn’t sound like the right way to clean and care for your delicate curtains then let us handle the task in a professional and efficient manner without any risk of damage. We guarantee our customers the best possible results through proper cleaning techniques and the best work practices available, but we would like to advise that sunlight damage is not something that can be reversed even by professional cleaning treatments.

Curtains are made of different fabrics and materials that pose unique cleaning and maintenance challenges.

This is why the curtain cleaning service is performed by specially trained professional cleaning technicians with plenty of experience and technical expertise. Depending on the type of fabric or material, and the level of staining or soiling it has sustained, the cleaners will determine the most appropriate yet sparing way to clean the curtain without risk of damage. In most cases, this means a choice between steam cleaning and dry cleaning in Acton W3.

The steam cleaning process begins by the application of a pressurised, spray on solvent which is heated up to a set temperature and is then injected throughout the curtain fabric in order to loosen up and remove any dust, dirt, oils and staining. The solvent and the grime are then vacuumed and the natural cleaning power of steam does the rest. The technique used for  of really delicate curtain fabrics is known as restorative cleaning or dry cleaning. It causes no damage and uses very little water to yield exceptional results. The actual cleaning is done by the application of special non-toxic chemical solvents designed to lift stains and remove soiling. The cleaning process poses no health risk humans or animals living at the property. For your convenience all work is done on site.