Catering in Acton

As part of our extensive service range we also offer professional events and functions catering service. Professional catering including high quality beverages and delicious food are all essential to making a good impression on your guests and since every occasion is special and each event unique we guarantee to prepare and deliver the most delicious, high quality foods and dishes to your event in a professional and efficient manner just as expected. Our professional service in Acton W3 is the cost effective alternative to doing all the preparations yourself since each dish will be prepared by professional chefs using local and imported ingredients of the highest quality and then punctually delivered straight to your door at the right time.

All food, dishes and beverages are prepared in accordance to professional standards by fully qualified, five star chefs.

The catering service is affordable and customers can expect reasonable prices and adequate quotes. Custom service packages can be prepared according to specific event and catering requirements in order to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. Our catering service menus are extensive and abundant with different choices of traditional and exotic food suggestions from all over the world. Our expert chefs have an eye for fine detail and will prepare each dish tenaciously as true professionals should.

Customers can choose from a number of premade menus including splendid buffet treats, a range of classic and deli sandwiches and many delicious breakfast options. One of our main catering policies is to use only fresh, high quality products, pre-packaged examples or sub quality ingredients will not be used as this would be totally unacceptable for us and our customers. Our meal options and menu choices are well balanced and developed with the assistance of top Acton W3 nutritionists and diet specialists in order to make them delicious and healthy at the same time, vegetarian menus are also available. The menus are completely customisable and can be passed for customer approval in advance.