Carpet Cleaning in Acton

Professional carpet cleaning is one of our major services, we consider ourselves to be pretty good at it, but we let our results speak for themselves. Professional carpet cleaning is a technical type of service that requires plenty of prior experience and sound expertise, and this is exactly what we offer to our Acton W3 clientele – exceptional cleaning results with no risk of damage and reasonable pricing. If you think your carpets are looking pretty good and don’t need the professional treatment, consider the following – carpets fitted throughout the house are subjected to heavy duty, daily use, especially in high traffic areas around the front door and the hallway.

Even if the carpet doesn’t appear to be dirty or worn, most probably bacteria and germs, as well as dirt and pollen have invaded the carpet deep inside the fiber structure. Although this doesn’t seem like much of a big deal, the accumulation of pollen, dust and bacteria in your carpet can eventually become a problem for people with respiratory conditions. Professionals and domestic hygiene specialists advise that carpets should be subjected to professional cleaning treatment at least twice during the year in order to keep them looking their best and feeling fresh for longer.

Professional steam carpet cleaning is the only proven way to achieve lasting hygiene throughout the length of the fibers and all the way down to the carpet base.

Conventional and homemade cleaning solutions won’t do much but waste your time and resources so save yourself the hassles and let us handle the carpet cleaning for you in an efficient and cost effective manner. Steam carpet cleaning uses nothing but the natural  power of hot water to give you great results without the risk of damage, the cleaning process is toxin free and completely safe for humans and animals. Steam carpet cleaning is based on a cleaning method known as hot water extraction, the method is perfectly suitable for both natural and synthetic carpet fibers. Steam carpet cleaning is effective for heavily soiled carpets and stubborn staining. The treatment is completed by the application of a quick-dry system for customer convenience. Also if you book our catering service with a carpet cleaning afterwards you get a 10% discount on both services.